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The JACK WOLSKIN outdoor shop: your specialist for outdoor apparel and travel equipment

No matter where you are and what kind of adventure you are embarking on: JACK WOLFSKIN is your reliable partner when it comes to outdoor apparel and outdoor equipment. You will find a large selection for womenmen and kids in our outdoor shop:

Functional and fashionable outdoor apparel such as jacketstrousers and tops, Useful and practical accessories, Suitable footwear for every outdoor adventure, a comprehensive range of outdoor equipment such as packsbagstravel bagstents and sleeping bags

JACK WOLFSKIN outdoor apparel for any kind of weather

Whether the sporty aspect is the most important thing to you, or you simply wish to enjoy nature and the exercise, our apparel is perfect for trekking, hiking, mountain sports, backpacking and winter sports. However, what is important is that you always have the right outdoor apparel. Active and nature-loving people are bound to find everything they need in our outdoor shop. Women, men, kids and young people can equip themselves with functional apparel from head to toe. Our outdoor apparel collection ranges from excellent functional underwear to trousers, shirts, tops and fashionable jackets.

Your jacket for every challenge

No matter where you are, your jacket will offer you protection from bad weather. JACK WOLFSKIN offers a wide selection of waterproof outdoor apparel that does a great job at keeping the wind and cold at bay. You get your hands on a range of softshell jackets, fleece jackets, windbreaks, down jackets, functional jackets and rain jackets, which are made of high-quality materials, as well as 3-in-1 double jackets and both lined and unlined TEXAPORE jackets.

Are you unsure which jacket you need for your next outdoor adventure? We’ll help you make a decision. You can select our different options to filter the jackets according to your activity, whether this is hiking, leisure or cycling. You can also choose the functions that you wish your jacket to have, for example whether it is waterproof or windproof. What’s more, you can select your preferred material and other features. If you don’t want to waste any time in the process, simply use our jacket finder to find your perfect jacket in three easy steps. This way you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you're looking for in the JACK WOLFSKIN outdoor shop!

Outdoor equipment for active people

As an expert for outdoor apparel, JACK WOLFSKIN knows what matters when it comes to outdoor equipment. Is your next camping adventure on the horizon? Our range in the outdoor shop includes packs for every purpose, as well as tents, thermal mats and much more. Many small details have also been considered for this outdoor equipment, which means it will offer everything you need for a day spent in the great outdoors. The equipment is also perfect for outdoor camping adventures. Functional and practical outdoor equipment makes a significant contribution to this.

The right pack for your adventure

Anybody out and about in the great outdoors has to carry their equipment and pack with them. JACK WOLFSKIN offers a large selection of various packs for women, men and kids that are suitable for every adventure and destination. The following packs are available:

Day packs, Hiking packs, Trekking packs, Alpine packs, Cycling packs, Running packs, Winter sports packs, Laptop packs, Photo packs and much more!

We are happy to advise you both in-store and online about what size pack you need. This way you’ll be well equipped for everyday life, when embarking on a long journey or for your next trip to the mountains. Try out the pack finder online now and discover the perfect pack for you.

Sleep as you would do at home with our outdoor equipment

Having an important sleeping bag is important for anybody travelling for longer than a day. JACK WOLFSKIN offer models in various sizes and filling volumes for women, men, kids and young people. You can also get other important items that you need for camping at JACK WOLFSKIN. The collection in our outdoor shop ranges from down sleeping bags to synthetic fibre sleeping bags. This equipment will make every trip an unforgettable experience, even at night. Jump into your cosy sleeping bag and think the day back before nodding off and dreaming about the next part of your hike or trekking trip – this is made possible thanks to the JACK WOLFSKIN sleeping bags.

Outdoor shoes: stay safe when trekking and hiking

Wearing the right footwear makes trekking, hiking, running and travelling even better. JACK WOLFSKIN offers a large selection of the following in the outdoor shop:

Trekking shoes, Hiking shoes, Leisure shoes, Mountain shoes, Running shoes, Sports shoes, Winter shoes

What’s more, you will also find trail running shoes in the collection, which are exceptionally comfortable to wear. These provide the perfect balance between the hiking shoe and the running shoe – a balance highly sought after by many athletes. You will find a selection of matching socks in the JACK WOLFSKIN outdoor shop, which you can wear to make sure that your shoes fit perfectly. This means that there’ll be no chance of your shoes rubbing and chafing during your next adventure.

Visit our outdoor shop, find the perfect equipment for outdoors, trekking and hiking, place your order and get on you way!